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Meet Eric and Amy Dewey


Eric and Amy Dewey are the powerhouse couple greatly responsible for the forming of Comicare.  Eric is the VP of Technology and Media Solutions for organization.  His wife Amy is an events coordinator and operational advisor.  They are both the co-founders of the organization.

Eric deals with many operational aspects of the group, especially as it relates to technology.  Eric is also Director of Programming and Operations for the Four Eyed Radio Network, a national podcast network.  This provided Eric with the expertise to handle media operations for Comicare.  He analyzes and directs the online persona of the organization. Eric also acts as support for the technological needs of the individuals within the group.

Eric has been a comic nerd his whole life, collecting books in the late 90’s and early ’00s, and has been a media presence at Phoenix Comicon for several years.

Eric and Amy recently relocated from Arizona to Ohio along with their daughter.   Eric enjoys spending his time podcasting, reading, playing video games, and watching TV/movies.