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04262015 098MEET JEFF SEAGER!



Jeff Seager is a welcomed addition to the Comicare stable of cosplayers known as, “The Comicare Crusaders”.  He brings to the organization a dedication and infectious energy that inspires us all and keeps us working hard.  Born in Michigan, Jeff moved to Arizona at a young age.  He grew up in an amazing era of heroes and fantasy and became a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who and comic books.  It wasn’t until the 2012 Phoenix Comicon, that he became aware of the costuming community.  After spending a mesmerizing weekend viewing all of the cosplay fun, he and some friends decided that they wanted to be more involved.  He quickly became active in local cosplay groups and even got his feet wet in charity work.

Jeff’s signature character is Spider-man, although he does several other quality characters including a Jedi and Chris Redfield.  Jeff, in fact, does THREE versions of Spider-man!   It is no secret, in fact he is proud to admit that the work he does in the gym is for the sole purpose of producing a quality Spider-man.  “My workouts are specifically tailored to sculpting a Spidey type physique,” explains Jeff.  “I don’t want to bulk up in the wrong places- I need to stay lean.  I also do research to find the proper “Spidey-type” poses and sometimes have to work to get them just right.”  Jeff explains that he loves to see the look on kid’s faces when he really nails the Spider-man character.  He loves to see the excitement and get the high fives and hugs.  He constantly goes home after a hospital visit with his cheeks hurting from smiling behind the mask.  On visiting hospitals Jeff says, “Cosplay may be looked down on by society as a bunch of nerds- but I think we at Comicare are helping change that view and show people the potential that exists.”

Jeff lives in Arizona and enjoys playing video games and watching movies.  If he isn’t in the gym or out on assignment for Comicare, he is generally hanging out with friends building costumes and props for future characters.


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