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Meet Tony Julius


Tony Julius is the Official Photographer of the Comicare organization.  While we use photos from many talented artists, and appreciate them all- Tony came to us early on with a desire to be a formal part of the team.  His skill is immediately evident as you look at the images that we use to share our mission.  If you see a stunning photo of our superheroes with or without kids- it is probably Tony’s work you are seeing.  He has done a lot to promote the professional image of Comicare that helps open doors to us everywhere.

Tony has been a staple in the cosplay photography community for years.  He is sought after as one of the best around and has been featured in numerous magazines and websites.  He is a professional who specializes in many fields of photography including events and weddings.  He has done a lot for Comicare.  Not only in providing his art, time and friendship- but also in helping educate others within the organization to improve all of our skills.  A valuable and dedicated volunteer indeed!

Tony is a full time professional photographer.  He lives in Tempe, Arizona with his wife and two daughters.  When not spending time with his family or doing charity work, Tony relaxes with art, photography (big surprise!), video games and many things nerdly!

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