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Meet Tony Contreras


Tony Contreras, aka, AZ Tony Stark, is the Vice President of Operations with Comicare.  He is also the co-founder of the organization.  Tony’s vast experience in the world of costume performance, or ‘cosplay’, is invaluable as the superhero face of Comicare.  Tony coordinates our superhero appearances and entertainment functions.  He is incredibly hard working as a vehicle to promote the organization.  Growing up in Flagstaff, Arizona, people began comparing Tony to Superman- maybe because he was a big strong kid who took pride in protecting smaller friends.  Later in life, a Halloween spent donning the ‘red and blues’ was all it took to get him hooked.  He began dressing as superheroes and participating in charity events in 2006.  He has visited events all over the country and he is an extremely popular attendant at conventions including San Diego Comic Con.

Tony is extremely approachable and loves to talk to fans and supporters.  He is always happy to stop and pose for a picture or shake a hand and constantly will go out of his way to help make a smile for someone.  His involvement with Comicare has done a lot to make it a world class organization and he is proud of the status that the charity enjoys.  “Every day when I ask my daughters how their day went, I ask them, ‘Did you make someone smile today?’  It is sort of my shorthand for doing a good job and being a good citizen,” Tony said about his feelings on working with Comicare.  “I love that when I go anywhere with Comicare I make smiles by the armload!  We get the immediate feedback of knowing that people are enjoying themselves.”

Tony currently resides in Arizona where he spends as much time as possible with his daughters.  If he isn’t around- check the gym!   He’s probably there “upgrading his armor”.   Otherwise, he spends his time golfing, playing tennis and coaching his daughters’ volleyball teams.

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