One Last Visit Before We Leave The Hospital

October 19, 2015/0/1
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It’s never too late!


On our way out the door we found a couple of special kids waiting at the window to see us before we leave.

Once we are done visiting with all of the kids in their hospital rooms, we often go down to the lobby to see any kids that are newly checking in and take a few photos on the walk in the front of the hospital.  On this particular day, we had some parents approach us.  They explained that their children were very excited to see us but that there room was on contact restrictions and they were not permitted to have visitors for health reasons.  They had their phone in hand and were speaking with the kids up in the room.  They asked if we could come out and wave to their kids and explained that it would ‘absolutely make their day’.

comic book charity brings superheroes to hospitalsWe were happy to oblige and spent a few minutes waving and blowing kisses.  You never know where the magic is going to happen- and this turned out to be one of our favorite visits of the day.  We love these moments and consider ourselves lucky to be able to participate in special memories like this for so many kids.



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