Tony Stark “goes home”

May 13, 2015/0/0
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Tony Stark returns to Flagstaff, Arizona.

After years spent in ‘cosplay’, and more specifically, ‘charity cosplay’, AZ Tony Stark finally got to check a big one off of his bucket list.


05052015 005Even though Tony grew up in the smallish town of Flagstaff, Arizona, he had never been to visit an area hospital.  That all changed on May 5th 2015.  Tony brought his charity group, Comicare, to the wooded hamlet to visit the Flagstaff Medical Center.  It was a meaningful and satisfying trip as he has had many memories associated with this particular hospital- good times, bad- family added and lost.  This was a chance to visit his roots.  From the beginning of the trip it was familiar with sights- and faces!   A number of surprised people recognized their old friend.  Lots of chats with strangers ended in speaking of common friends or favorite “hang-outs”.  It didn’t take long to get down to business though- visiting kids!

The staff at FMC was a little bit new to this thing called “Comicare”, but it didn’t take long for them to catch on.  In no time, staff was whisking us around the hospital to visit with sick kids- some in for long stays, some just passing through with dog bites or broken arms.  Of course, plenty of time was spent visiting with staff.  They are the front line after all and no one deserves a little attention more than the doctors and nurses that help keep Flagstaff healthy.   As the visit wrapped up we got our last breath of the cold beauty before heading back down to the desert, but of course, not before hitting one of Mr. Stark’s favorite local eateries.  It was a truly beautiful day- one that I’m sure will be repeated many times as we now include Flagstaff Medical Center among our friends.  I know we won’t stay gone long.