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COMICARE is an Arizona based 501(c)(3) corporation created to brighten the day of hospitalized children by delivering comic books.

We recognize how difficult it can be spending any amount of time in a medical facility and try to offer a diversion from an unpleasant time. We often bring costumed “superheroes” to help deliver the comics and we take the time to visit with everyone available. We have also found these visits to be quite a treat for the young siblings of ailing children, as they often feel just as isolated as the patient themselves. Through our mission we have also found this as an opportunity for comic book collectors to donate some of the comics they love, thus sharing the world of comic books with an audience that may have never found them- cultivating a new generation of comic book lovers.

If you have a family member or friend in medical care, or are a medical professional yourself, please feel free to contact us to arrange a distribution event.


Most of our time is spent on our narrow focus  –  visiting children in medical facilities.


We pride ourselves on being professional and flexible, as hospital schedules and priorities can change on a moment’s notice. 

We are generally lead around the hospital floor by a guide who shows us the kids they believe would enjoy a visit.  A visit usually consists of a hospital staff member leaning into a room and announcing “you think you would like a visitor”, after which Captain America, Iron Man or some other superhero walks into the room.  The hero spends some time talking to the children, answering questions and taking pictures.  We try to be intuitive as to when the child has had enough.  At which point, the character ducks out of the room for a second and comes back in with some comic books, stickers and such, as a parting gift.  There are a wide range of reactions we get from children.  Some are off the charts excited!  We do not get disappointed by the less animated ‘visit-ees’.  We have heard all too often about the little shy boy who would hardly look at Iron Man, and how he acted like he couldn’t care less.  Then, two minutes after we have left, he springs to life talking about his experience meeting THE REAL IRON MAN!!  Many times that little boy talks for days about his special visitor!

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