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06272015 087Meet Alyssa Contreras!



Alyssa Contreras, also known as “AZ Supergirl”, is a valuable member of the Comicare family.  She brings an amazing level of enthusiasm to every event.  She started her costuming career with Comicare and we enjoy watching her blossom as an elite valley cosplayer.  Aside from the many hospital visits she already has under her (gold) belt, she is a very popular draw at conventions and events.

Alyssa grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and was introduced to the cosplay community at an early age.  Her father is legendary cosplayer “AZ Tony Stark” and she spent her childhood watching him go about his “superhero-ly duties”.  Alyssa was always a fan of comics and superhero movies but it wasn’t until later that the cosplay bug truly bit her.  Watching her father visit hospitals inspired her to finally don the cape.  “I had never thought of dressing up before”, explains Alyssa.  “I specifically began cosplaying to join Comicare and help a kid get through a rough day.  The fact that it has become an opportunity for me to spend quality time with my dad is a bonus!”

Being the youngest of the “Comicare Crusaders” doesn’t seem to affect Alyssa at all.  She finds it to be a real advantage to be a young adult and have access to a whole community of young people who may not have ever been introduced to the world of comic books.

Alyssa is busy working her way in a new career.  She is a proud and active member of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.    She is an athlete, Disneyland fan and aspiring personal trainer spending her little extra free time in the gym.  Be sure to say hi to her at her next event!

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