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Meet Zeff Hyde


Joe “ZEFF” Hyde is the Founder and Director of Comicare.  Zeff grew up in Phoenix in the late 80’s, early 90’s boom of comic fandom.  His “geek cred” is a little lacking these days but he has a strong grasp on the market and history of silver age comics.  Early on, Zeff spent a lot of time speculating on comics (buying with the intent of selling when books became valuable) which led to having a large stock of low valued bulk comics with multiple copies of issues.  Years later he found the need to make room in his home by eliminating these comics and learned how difficult it could be to find a home for them.  He searched for a donation outlet- but none existed.  Years later as a friend recounted his experience of reading comics in an extended hospital stay- the idea of a comic book based charity came to life.

Zeff deals with many of the ‘day to day’ operational aspects of Comicare.  He is friendly and easy to talk to, if a bit obsessive.  He is very protective of the reputation of the organization, and is focused on Comicare functioning as an independent entity, not voiced by any one individual, but the conglomeration of its staff, members and supporters.

Zeff lives in Arizona with his wife and is the father of four children.  He is a fan of comic books, movies and vintage video games.  He also is a performing and recording musician.  Zeff restores muscle cars in his spare time and is also a hobbyist animator with a home studio and a collection of vintage animation art.  When not at home he can usually be found at Disneyland…