PRESS RELEASE: Comicare Road Trip 2018

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Superhero Takes On Marathon Of Hospital Visits To Collect Smiles

February, 2018

Phoenix, AZ –Comicare is well known for bringing the country’s best superheroes to visit with kids in hospitals- but they operate primarily in the Southwest.  For the month of February, this will change!  The 501c(3) charity group is undertaking their most ambitious road trip to date:  over 4200 miles, 10 states and over a dozen children’s hospitals!  Tony Contreras (aka: the world famous cosplayer “AZ Tony Stark”) is kicking off this whirlwind schedule on February 1st in Flagstaff, Arizona.  His journey will then take him to: Albuquerque NM, Aurora CO, Evanston WY, Salt Lake City UT, Boise ID, Seattle WA, Portland OR, Sacramento CA, Orange County CA, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, and Mesa AZ- all in just two weeks!  Tony will be delivering comic books and collecting smiles the entire trip.

“This was an idea that my daughter came up with.  It was too good to not do,” explains Tony, who is the VP of operations at Comicare, “what a fantastic opportunity to spread smiles and open doors for Comicare.  This is something I’m really looking forward to and I can’t wait to make new friends and new memories.”


About Comicare

Comicare is a 501c(3) nonprofit group who delivers comic books and superhero experiences to hospitalized Children.  Operating since 2013, they have delivered thousands of comic books on hundreds of visits.  Comicare brings the nation’s BEST superhero “cosplayers” to visit bedside with children who are forced to spend their time battling their own foes.  They work hard to brighten the spirits of patients, family and even staff at these facilities.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, they stay very busy with dozens of visits in the southwestern US annually.                  



For more information about this event, a specific date list, to coordinate media, or for general details about the Comicare charity organization, please contact:

Joe “Zeff” Hyde,  Director, Comicare

PO Box 7317,  Goodyear, AZ 85338