Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

June 3, 2015/0/2
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Phoenix Comicon, 2015. What a ride!

This past weekend, the Comicare team spent 4 amazing days at Phoenix Comicon, raising awareness and funds for our organization. Held at the Phoenix Convention Center from 5/28 through 5/31, PHXCC is the largest pop-culture convention in the state, and one of the biggest in the country! With an estimated attendance this year of OVER 80,000 people, the convention has grown every year of it’s existence!

We had an absolutely AMAZING time at the con this year, not just measured in monetary success (which we did have!), but also in making new connections and solidifying old ones. We got to talk to people from all over the country, see amazing costumes and, most importantly, spread the message of what we do to thousands more people! If you missed it, visit our Facebook Page to see tons of great pics!

BUT… We could never have done it alone.

We have a LOT of people to thank for helping make this convention what it was. From the Cosplayers, to the vendors who donated items right off their own tables and booths, to the attendees themselves! We’ll try hard not to miss anyone, but if we do, please know that we appreciate your contribution and NEVER take it for granted.

First of all, thank you to the Phoenix Comicon staff, volunteers, and everyone else involved in the smooth running of such a huge event. Not only for providing us space, but actually increasing our space from a simple table to a booth! This really allowed us the ability to interact with the crowd in ways we never could have done before.

Thank you to the Comicare Crusaders! Without these dedicated cosplayers, our booth could not have had the draw it did. So thank you Tony, Andrew, William, Jeff, and Sarah!

Thank you to all the other cosplayers, photographers, and vendors that helped out this year, including; Sara, Topher, Fitzjedi, Eric, Trey, Roy, and Alyssa!

Thank you to the vendors who very generously donated their own items to be given out as prizes for our donations! Red Nebula, Xaos Studios, Kozak Komikz, Zombie Dog, Dollipop Cosmetics, Ken’s Buttons, Revengelover, Anabel Martinez, Allen Amis Creations, Brad Dwyer, Val Brazier, Apocalypse Too, Fran Makes It, The Art Of Ramona, Ashleigh P, Bryan BG Graham, Ginger Gypsy Design, Jeff Pina, and Drawn To Comics!

Thank you to the amazing founders, leadership, and members of the Blue Ribbon Army! This awesome Comicon fan group, with more than 6000 members, chose Comicare as their charity beneficiary this year. Bringing in tons more donations, and getting our name and mission out there to even more people!

Most importantly, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who stopped by our booth. Whether you donated, volunteered, took pics, shared stories of our visits, or just stopped to chat, you made this event the blast it was!

Once again, if we forgot to mention you by name, please accept our sincere apologies, and know that we do appreciate you, and do not take you for granted. THANK YOU!