The San Diego “1000 SMILES” campaign wraps up. A SUCCESS!

August 8, 2017/0/0
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comicare at sdcc 2017

We Did It!

1000 Smiles Collected!


Our goal at the 2017 San Diego Comicon was to collect 1000 smiles from our friends, fans and supporters.  It started out rough with preview night spent just getting our bearings and then Thursday bringing in only 256 smiles-  a little off pace.  But we learned that a lot of people wanted to cram in their smiles in the same photo- an angle we hadn’t planned on!  That allowed us to really pick up the pace and even finish early.  Success!  We actually met over 1000 people, talked to them about Comicare, gave many of them information on how to contact us- and photographed their smiles!   We really had a great time- but it was also hard work.  Not one day were we able to stay for the full event.  Weary from a long day of chasing people down, talking, smiling, and visiting.  It was back to hotels to get some rest to start again the next day.  The troopers were Tony Conteras, Brittani Karbginski (sadly, not pictured), and Dawn and Zeff Hyde.  At first we thought we were overstaffed- but not even close!  Thank you to this team that made it possible- and thank YOU  to everyone who supported this campaign!  I hope it lived up to our plan of being an interactive, pride building experience for our supporters who believe in us.  We are flattered by your donations, and inspired by your love.


Check out the links below for all of the smiling photos!


Thursday’s photos

Friday’s photos

Saturday’s photos